Greek DA Defies The Animal Welfare Law Simply Because She Feels Like It

Greek animal welfare is like…what Rubik’s cube is to most people: it’s obvious that it can be done, and once you are almost there, a piece (of shit) comes along and spoils the whole structure, obliging you to take the whole thing apart again.

The Greek law

According to the Greek law (4235/14, article 46), citizens are allowed to feed and care for the stray animals – no shit, imagine a law that said we are forbidden to do it. In Greece, the Parliament is the only authority capable of actually legislating, and the police, the district attorneys, and the local authorities are there to do their jobs.

So what if there is a law?

Apart from having police officers making up excuses every time you call them for an animal abuse case (personally I have been advised by one of them to get a boyfriend, instead of wasting my time with dogs), some district attorneys also believe they are above the law too.

L’état, C’est Moi

One particular “lady”, the deputy DA of Florina, a Greek city somewhere … here (doesn’t really matter anyway) – obviously a mentally challenged person – doesn’t just defy the law, but attempts to legislate too. According to her, if you feed and care for a stray, or even if you just pet it (I repeat:   e v e n   i f   y o u   p e t   i t), you are immediately considered its owner AND you should be charged (c h a r g e d ) with “attempt to MALICIOUSLY harm others”.


“Ha ha ha, you are and always will be the distant relative Europe keeps cropping out from its instagram photos” is what you are probably thinking, after reading the above, “Dear God, someone kill me right now and have me reborn anywhere in the civilized world” is what you are thinking if you are Greek.

This is the country we live in unfortunately, and as much as we try to put that Rubik’s cube together, pieces (of shit) like the Florina prosecutor keep making us go back to scratch. The incident is very much real and the poor people who are dealing with this ridiculousness every day, and desperately trying to force the authorities to do their jobs are members of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation, whose site you can visit for even more and more ridiculousness made in Greece.



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