Greek Stray Dog Adopted In Paris Won’t Stop “Bragging” About It

Greek strays range from very unlucky to unbelievably lucky. Being born in the streets or ending up there one day can easily result in being poisoned, ran over, abused or piled up in a public shelter and die of hunger and neglect.

Some get lucky and are rescued. Some are very lucky and are rescued and rehomed. And some are ridiculously lucky and end up with a mum who lives in Paris and has a thing about collecting Kodak moments from her dog’s everyday adventures in the city of lights.


So, Bee belongs in the last category – in fact I think she invented that category and we should name this type of adoptions after her. And the “Bee” adoption category includes posing in front of Parisian monuments, while lying on her back and having the mocking “na na na naa naaaaa” expression written all over her gorgeous, cute face.


Bee was born as a stray. She was found while still a puppy and “adopted” by a family that could not get rid of her fast enough, when they decided (or so they say) to move to the US. So, after they had decided that Bee was in no way a member of their family anymore, they started letting her roam free on the streets (probably hoping that someone else would take her in).


That’s how she was spotted by a SCARS volunteer and she was put for adoption. It took months of back and forth, two failed adoptions and a few weeks at a dog pension, until her mum saw a picture of her and fell in love. And she traveled from Paris to Athens to meet her, adopt her and take her back home (and away from here!).

Seriously now..this is bragging!

I’m not going to tire you with details of her everyday life (yes I know all about it, na na na naa naaaaa!), the photos speak for themselves, so I will let you enjoy them.

Doing some sightseeing in the UK

Just one last thing. For every dog like Bee, happily adopted somewhere in the world, there are dozens (maybe more) strays dying on the streets of Greece every day, marked as unwanted, as annoying, as urban trash. Potentially, all of them could have been in Bee’s place, if they were luckier. Potentially, Bee could have been in their place too, is she wasn’t so lucky.


Bee is not more special than the rest of them (well, ok, she is special – but you know what I mean), nor are the ones left behind less special than she is, less adoptable, or less (potentially) funny. Bee was as much of a nobody as they were, but she was lucky, she was noticed and now she is a princess. Potentially, your spoilt, little “prince” might be somewhere on the streets right now, begging for food and being chased and rejected. So please adopt (or at least think about it).

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