What Happens In Greece Within A Day

I got a comment in my latest video yesterday saying something like “An island full of strays and you only rescued one???”. I answered abruptly and maybe with a hint of sarcasm, and I was accused of not being caring enough. Sigh…

If you don’t live in Greece, you simply can’t comprehend what happens every day here, and that’s a fact. Sometimes subscribers ask me if Greece is a third world country, and I usually answer “Yes”. Because it is. I am sorry but it is.

Every day, I scroll down my facebook wall and choose a story to write about in this blog, hoping that it might help, but mainly laying off steam/ Sometimes the stories are so many, with one worse than the other, that I simply give up. This was one of those days.

Within one day, you come across so many urgent cases of animals in desperate need of help, that makes you wonder what’s the point. What’s the point of doing anything, since it’s just a drop in the ocean and nothing else. What’s the point of rehoming a couple of dogs and cats, pretending to be a savior when you are nothing but someone who is pissing in the wind (ermmm..pardon me!)

Today I came across about a dozen different posts about litters of puppies abandoned in the middle of nowhere, all around the country, most of them with the brief description of “someone do something”.

Today I came across so many articles about stray dogs and cats massively poisoned in various towns and villages, that I lost count. I honestly lost count.

The number of posts about dogs left chained under the sun, without food or water, burning in 40 degrees, with no one around to help? No idea. I lost count again.

The desperate cries for help for emaciated, sick dogs roaming the streets aimlessly, waiting to die? Oh… you cannot imagine.

The post of a guy, showing his chained, emaciated Pit Bull that had just given birth, threatening to put her to sleep if she is not offered a new home because she ate his rabbits?

The dozens of photos from abused donkeys in Santorini, who work endless hours under the sun, without water, without food, often beaten and abused?

Which story should I choose and what should I write about? And how can I make you believe me? Only some of us who follow rescue groups and animal welfare pages from all over the country can understand the extent of the problem. Our houses are full of rescued animals, out time is limited and our spirits are broken.

And as if all this is not enough, while the majority of the country is on vacation mode, the government is getting ready to pass a law for the strays that will put an end to rescuing as we know it.




One thought on “What Happens In Greece Within A Day”

  1. That’s right……….STAY STRONG!!! There will ALWAYS BE THAT ONE JERK…..OR TWO……that will say hateful ugly things. You and your fellow rescuers are amazing people. Let’s put that jerk out there in the field and let them experience what you all go through and see……then ask them if they still can say what they did. Keep going strong and ignore the hateful fluff. You all are ANGELS and so are the animals!

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