Help Feed Hundreds Of Rescued Dogs In One Of Greece’s Biggest Shelters

The DASH dog shelter is one of the largest shelters in Greece, and it’s home to hundreds of dogs. It is based near the city of Kalamata, in the south of the country, an area quite notorious for animal abuse and neglect.

DASH stands for “Dream of A Safe Haven”. It was built and is being run entirely by volunteers. DASH receives absolutely no help from the government or the local authorities – quite the opposite, as is often the case here.


All expenses for food, medical bills, maintenance of the facilities, expansion of them, spot ons, medication etc are covered by donations alone. There are so many dogs and so little money that the dogs are not fed on Sunday’s – this is a fast day.


DASH volunteers boil up goats milk with bread and add any freebies from the local butchers and restaurant left overs with whatever food they are able to buy or that you have donated to stretch the meals out. They are only fed once a day.


There is no puppy food for those pups with delicate tummies or any money for dogs requiring special dietary needs.



It takes 36 bags of huge 20 kg sacks of food to feed the dogs daily.

The winters in Greece are particularly harsh and there are no food reserves this year as the shelter is at absolute full capacity.


All those dogs are being kept healthy and happy thanks to the amazing dedication of the volunteers, who have devoted their lives to those animals that were found abandoned, neglected, abused, starving and sick.


If you can make a small donation, it will be money well spent. If you cannot donate, please help by sharing and raising awareness. The volunteers need all the help they can get.

Video of the “groomarathon” at DASH shelter:

Visit the shelter’s gofundme campaign here. If you have any questions, feel free to email Julie Wilkinson, the organizer of this campaign and one of the shelter’s dedicated volunteers at: [email protected]  . Follow the DASH facebook page here.

(and remember that pennies make pounds and ocean are made of tiny drops)

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