Hunting Dog Used For Breeding Now Is Loved More Than She Could Imagine

Hunting dogs suffer more than any other dogs in Greece. Spending their entire lives chained or locked up, they are rarely treated as pets, are abandoned once they get old, sick or even lost during hunting.

Bella’s rescue video:

Bella is a hunting dog. A purebred Italian Coarse Haired Hound, she was probably used as a breeding machine and nothing else. After she got sick – or after her owner simply couldn’t use her anymore, she was abandoned. that’s the easiest way to get rid of a dog in Greece. you normally drive somewhere away from home, open the car door, or the trunk (who wants a dirty dog messing up his clean, precious car? the car is worth more than the animal you are about to dump as trash anyway), let the dog go and drive away, leaving him/her survive alone, confused and betrayed.

Ugly to look at right? Imagine how she felt. The condition of Bella’s genitals when she was rescued.

Bella was taken in by a SCARS volunteer. Apart from ehrlichia and mange, over breeding had left her with severe hormonal problems, that affected her intestinal circulation. She suffered from chronic diarrheas that exhausted her and was so fragile that enduring the treatment was  easy.

Bella and her foster mum.

Bella went through a long recovery. She was fostered by the volunteer who rescued her, and proved in just a few weeks that hunting was not her priority. In fact, Bella, with no hunting instinct whatsoever in her, is such a human centered dog, that makes you wonder how she survived the first years of her life and didn’t just die one day, heartbroken and sad.

Bella in her foster home, along with and her roommate, Nero.

She’s not the only hunting dog that is rescued and amazes everyone. Our beloved hounds are extremely human centered and loyal companions, and it’s one of the reasons why many volunteers have a soft spot for them. I do.


Today Bella is a happy and healthy dog. She loves people, she loves dogs, she loves cats, she loves life. She is ready for her forever family and she deserves a home and a family that will love her and treat her as an equal member. She is for adoption by SCARS. You can check her adoption album here. You can also donate to the charity via PayPal: [email protected]

From a scale of one to ten, how cute is she?!

One last thing. Comments like: “I wish her foster mum would keep her/ She loves her a lot/ She will be heartbroken if given away” make a volunteer’s work even more difficult than it already is. Yes, Bella and her foster mum share a special bond, but fostering is about letting go, and moving on to the next animal in need. The volunteer fostering Bella is a dedicated foster mum. She has fostered Mel, Jade, Monkey and so many other animals in need, and wants to continue doing what she does best. It will be hard to let go, but it’s the only option when good foster homes are rare and the animals in need are more than you can imagine.




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