I am Valia

I am Valia

I am Valia and I am from Athens, Greece. In April 2014 I uploaded a video about my first rescue dog, Apollo. I had picked him from the street the year before and he turned out to be such an amazing companion, that I just wanted to share that with the world. Apollo was vaccinated and neutered by ZEIL, my local charity, and this was the first organization I volunteered at. I started making videos for them, helping out at bazaars, rescuing and fostering dogs (like Alma, Tool, and Billy) that we taken in by zeil.

Since then, I have rescued, fostered and trained many dogs and have volunteered at various animal welfare charities, including Save a Greek Stray, SCARS and SPAZ. After that first video I kept filming rescue dogs and cats and I never imagined I could get that far. One day I went out, found a paw print on the pavement, painted it red, photographed it, and this paw has been my channel’s and blog’s profile picture ever since. Some say the red paint looks like blood – well, life on the streets is not paved with rose pedals.

I am Valia
The paw print, before and after.

I started sharing rescue stories of dogs and cats and after the first couple of them went viral (like Blossom and Billy), I realized that Greek rescues can and should reach as many people as possible – this is one of the reasons why the channel and my blog are in English. I made this video as a trailer for my Youtube channel. I always upload on Tuesdays, and that Tuesday happened to be my birthday.

I am Valia
At the Save a Greek Stray shelter.

Being a volunteer in Greece is frustrating and at the same time awesome. I know volunteers who won’t even leave Athens to go on vacation, because they simply can’t cope with the huge amount of strays they bump into, in that graveyard that rural Greece is. However, watching them beat death and be reborn is more that rewarding, and this is what helps us move forward every day.

I am Valia
With DD, my favorite rescue cat. For adoption by SCARS.

You can follow this blog, The Orphan Pet Facebook page, Twitter and Youtube channel for more. You can volunteer at your local charity, share stories, go home and hug your dog, or simply ignore me and live your life. But please ADOPT, DON’T SHOP. Forever friends are not for sale and their value is definitely not measured in money. 🙂

I am Valia
With Billy, the dog that made me who I am today.




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