Invisible Dog – A Mirror To Our Souls

This video in my way of apologizing to Leila. When she arrived at the shelter, my first thought was “oh, another one”. After seeing so many of these dogs, after watching them recover and become gorgeous again, we can rarely be surprised anymore.

For someone who is not familiar with mangy dogs, cases like hers seem jaw dropping. But the truth is that mange is very easy to cure, and that’s why it is so unfair for them to be ignored, as if they are about to die when they aren’t really. Their recovery seems to take forever, as we wait for their hair to grow and for them to gain weight. It is usually combined with more complicated diseases, like leishmaniosis and ehrlichia, but Leila doesn’t suffer from anything else apart from mange.


She came extremely weakened but she is getting better and better every day. She will make a full recovery, but remember: she was a beautiful dog to begin with. This is the case for all those dogs, and this is what saddens me the most. They could have been treated sooner, so sooner. But the common thing here is to believe that sick dogs are someone else’s problem. And that someone is never them.

You can donate for Leila via PayPal: [email protected] To adopt her or any of the dogs of Save a Greek Stray, you can email the charity at: [email protected] or message their Facebook page.



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