Invisible Daphne – Rescue Dog Saved From Death Keeps Being Ignored

Invisible dogs, like Daphne, spend their lives in shelters all over the world. Some are just unlucky, some have unsolved behavioral issues, and most of them are usually black and brown.

Daphne is black and brown -that’s her first mistake. She also a mix hunting dog – not a gorgeous Setter or a purebred Pointer – that’s her second mistake. She is just the typical Greek hound, and her kind just doesn’t have as many fans as other hounds do.


Daphne was rescued more than a year ago. I guess she had lived the typical life of a miserable Greek hunting dog, until she got sick and was abandoned like trash. Starving, sick and desperate, she survived on her own, going by unnoticed, invisible. She was rescued by Save a Greek Stray, she gained weight, recovered from leishmaniasis, and became the gorgeous girl she is today. Let me rephrase that: she became the black and brown mix hound she is today.


Daphne is invisible. She is not the only one, but she is one of the ones that break my heart. It is very frustrating to save a dog like her from dying, and then watch her spend her life at the shelter. It’s not that she doesn’t have a good life there – she lives in one of the most beautiful shelters ever, she is loved and cared for.

Daphne is invisible

But she is not in a home. I’m not implying that she deserves a home more than the others, but she deserves it as much as the others do. Just as much. She is a sweetheart -a loving, playful, happy girl, who will enjoy a long walk and a lazy afternoon in her bed.


It’s been more than a year now, that I see dogs in the kennels next to hers coming and going, but she is always there, always happy to see me, always happy to take a walk down the lake, always happy to get a bit of love during the day.


If you wish to adopt her, you can contact the shelter at: [email protected] or message their facebook page. Give her a chance. Please.



5 thoughts on “Invisible Daphne – Rescue Dog Saved From Death Keeps Being Ignored”

  1. Valia, she is gorgeous, there is nothing “wrong” with her appearance. I saw her photos on the SGS site, together with all the other ones. My personal “problem” with her is not that she is a mix, but rather what a part of that mix is: hound. The way we keep our dog (and soon dogs) and the nature of our premises (height of fence) we wouldn’t fit her. I did read all about the different breeds and what is basically in their genes. Daphne is “made” for hunting and we just wouldn’t do her any justice. My guess is that she was a barrel dog? Or did she get lost hunting?She needs freedom! It would probably take many months to train her to not run away chasing some squirrel or mouse when free to roam around in the woods. Would she come back if called? We have an open space next to our property and there are cats, birds and mice. We have foxes, deer, boar and hare in the forest nearby. Pebbles just stares at them, because it is not in her genes to hunt, just to retrieve on call. What about Daphne? She would fit someone who needs a watchful and intelligent hunting dog perfectly and someday, that someone will find her. Someone who will lovingly give her what she deserves: a forever home and the freedom to do what nature intended for her. God knows what Petra is “made” of, there is surely a bit of hound or shepherd in her, but not all too dominant. Have faith, Valia, and hope.

    1. Thanks! I do have faith. Hounds are very underestimated unfortunately, and many people hesitate to adopt one because of their instincts. They do need training, so that they come back at recall, but they are made to run free and not get lost. She was definitely a barrel dog, but I don;t think that she was lost. A 5-year old dog does not get lost during hunting. She got sick and they abandoned her. So typical. 🙁

      1. Oh my, that is sad!! Why is it that people discard such lovely, sentient beings?? Daphne is beautiful. Period. My uncle, who had a cattle farm in the US, took up all sorts of dogs, hunting dogs in particular (pointers, to be exact). Strays that landed on his farm. They had a great life there and I just see Daphne in such an environment. A place where it’s ok to just be Daphne. I wrote you an email and am curious what you think of my proposal? I am contacting Sony tomorrow to take care of the problem with my tablet, so maybe we can Skype soon. Otherwise, my screen freezes every few minutes. You know, I am looking more and more around and German people really like black, brown hunting dogs! At the moment I am angry that some channel uses your videos on YouTube without giving further information… Arnie is a hot topic at the moment and many wish to adopt him, but without credit, how on Earth are they supposed to know where to find him??

  2. She is wonderful!
    Unfortunately we live in the town in a flat and it would not be ok to have her in that environment! I am totaly aware of what a hunting dog has for needs and I think it’s much better if people stay realistic and don’t take dogs in, which they cannot or are not willing to handle. A hunting dog is a lot of work and learnig, but they have so much love to give❤️.
    I wish her a loving and great family.
    I am always looking on your page and we have a 10 year old Rescue Ridgebackmix from Slovakia. Perhaps our next dog is from Greece?

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