killer rottweilers

Killer Rottweilers On Death Row Up For Adoption

Killer Rottweilers are up for adoption by the public shelter that took them in about a month ago, after two of them attacked and killed a five year old boy. The incident happened on May 1, Easter day in Greece. The boy and his family were visiting a friend’s house, the boy was left unattended for a while, and a few minutes later he was beaten to death by two out of the eight dogs that lived in the property. The owner was arrested, all eight dogs were removed from him, were placed in a public shelter and were given less than a month to be adopted until they are put down. The deadline is in two days, May 25.

killer rottweilers
Hector, one of the two dogs responsible for the death of the boy. Born in March 2012. Vaccinated and neutered. Microchip number: 990000000430396

A campaign has started to save the eight dogs. Animal welfare charities and volunteers ask for the dogs to be spared and to be handed over to responsible dog trainers and no kill shelters. “It’s not their fault” everyone shouts, and they are right. I’m not sure if anyone actually willing to take the dogs in has come forward, but the pleas for sparing the dogs’ lives hit brick wall. And personally, I don’t know where I stand.

killer rottweilers
Zeus, the second dog responsible fro the death of the boy. Born in March 2012. Vaccinated and neutered. Microchip number: 990000000430397

If the dogs had been put to sleep the day after, everything would have been easier, but now we have engage to conversations about whether they deserve a chance or not, who could we possibly trust with their training and socialization and if they should be taking up shelter space and volunteers’ time while millions of emaciated strays in desperate need of help keep dying in the streets because they have nowhere to be placed. Absolutely nowhere.

killer rottweilers
Orpheas, born in January 2015. Vaccinated & neutered. Microchip number: 932001000504953
His eye condition is irreversable

Choosing to rescue a dog in Greece equals choosing to let a dozen others die helpless. It’s like playing God every single day. So should we choose to deprive eight random stray dogs that never hurt anyone from a chance in life, and save the Rottweilers on death row? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

killer rottweilers
Diana, born in December 2009. Vaccinated & neutered. Microchip number: 968000005408118

When it comes to pointing fingers and blaming the ones responsible, most of us with a slightest bit of common sense know what to do. It was never the dogs’ fault, and that is pretty clear. But when it comes to taking action, we’re very good at pressing the share button over and over again and hoping for someone else to do the dirty work.

killer rottweilers
Phoebe, born in June 2014, vaccinated & neutered. Microchip number: 932001000504949. She suffers from an irreversable eye condition and lameness in her front legs

And who will that someone be? Who will take in eight killer dogs, socialize and train them? I know I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t risk putting my dogs and family at risk by fostering one of them. And I definitely wouldn’t turn my back on the mangy, emaciated dog dying on the street, hoping for him to die slower so that I can get to him after I have fostered and rehomed one of the Rottweilers on death row.

killer rottweilers
Rea, born in June 2014, vaccinated & neutered. Microchip number: 932001000504951

I’m torn. And so are many of us. I wish I hadn’t seen them chained in those cages, looking at the camera not knowing what’s going on. Not knowing why their life was turn upside down, not knowing what they did wrong and why they were deprived off the love and affection of the man who loved – because he did love them, and he gave them away crying. And in case they are put to sleep in two days, I can only wish that it had been done sooner, without them having to spend a month chained in a public shelter’s cage wondering if this will be their life from now on, and what did they do wrong to deserve it.

killer rottweilers
Hera, born in March 2012, vaccinated & neutered. Microchip number: 932001000504958

I made the video a few days after the tragedy, and I was convinced that this story ends here – or I wanted to believe that. It never occured to me what will happen to the dogs, or maybe I was sure that they were going to be put down immediately, so I cried for them and said my goodbyes with a simple “such a shame”. But I wasn’t prepared for what came after. I wasn’t prepared to keep seeing their pictures 24/7 while scrolling down on my Facebook wall, in posts asking me to take action. Because the only action I’d like to take would be to turn back the time and change the events of May 1. That would have made things so much easier. For everyone.

So I’m not sure what this post is actually about. Maybe a farewell. Maybe I actually do want to give them one last chance. Maybe I want their pictures to stay on my blog, and as their beautiful eyes are looking at me through the camera, I will be reminded of the mistakes we all make when it comes to man’s best friend. Or maybe it’s an apology. An apology for not being able – nor willing – do anything else, than just write about them.

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16 thoughts on “Killer Rottweilers On Death Row Up For Adoption”

  1. A very sad story, Valia… One that leaves us shattered, faced with a tragedy of such magnitude as this one on Easter Sunday. You have shared with us your thoughts, your doubts, your very deep grief, and your – mixed – feelings over the horrendous accident involving the two dogs (out of the pack of six) and an innocent little child that ventured unknowingly into the secluded den where the dogs were kept: and for this small act, lost its life.
    And you have asked some valid questions.
    One thing I do want to share: we can never really say, is it right to save this one and not that one? Is that other dog not more valuable out there – rather than this one here..? We help where we can. Every sentient being, whether imprisoned because of a horrific accident or whether covered with lesions and with nothing to eat on the streets – every single one that needs help, we help it in whatever way is possible. I think, it is hard to weigh who the real needy one is when both are so very unlucky.
    One other thing we need to realize also: Animals (unlike humans with a chip on their shoulder) do not normally attack unless a) they have been specifically trained to do so, or b) are provoked and react out of sheer fear in self-defence. You mention the owner was known to be caring and loving to them. Yet they were kept in secured stalls; it remains, therefore, to be determined whether or not these dogs had been trained by him to also protect his family and property by attacking strangers and prowlers.

    I agree with your basic arguments. But I do wish to appeal to you on your reference to them as “killer dogs.” This is a strong descriptive – even if two of them did in fact cause the tragic death of a child. Rottweilers were initially bred because their remarkable intelligence and endurance combined with their powerful build made them skilled and indispensable helpers during the long trekking of cattle herd transportations (before the days of the railway) from Breisgau to the Alsace.
    According to the FCI, Rottweilers are known to be placid in their basic disposition and fond of children; they are very devoted, obedient, easy in their handling, and are very eager workers. Their behavior is confident, consistent, fearless. They are alert and react to their surroundings.
    Because of this alert and sensitive nature of theirs, coupled with their immense physical strength, Switzerland and certain parts of Germany and Austria require that owners of Rottweilers have special licenses to legally own the breed. This obviously tells us that despite their many virtues, Rottweilers need to be in the hands of people who understand them, spend time with them, and are knowledgable when it comes to their specific needs of caring for and training them.

    I’m thinking of the deadline and how to help you.
    And unfortunately, do not have a solution. As I read this today, the deadline is tomorrow. I wish at the very least that if nothing has been done by then, the owner will (at least) be allowed to hold them one by one when they are put to sleep. One last act of kindness to them.
    Do you think this could be possible?

    1. Oh I agree with everything you say. I’m sorry about calling them “killers”, that word only appears in the title and basically it is because they were portrayed this way by the media. I’m very sad about all eight of them because I know how Rottweilers can be excellent companions in the hands of the right people and I wish the laws were stricter here about owning a Rot or a Pit Bull – this would never had happened. They are definately a breed that requires specific training and they probably wouldn’t have ended up killing someone if they belonged to different breed. I have no idea if the owner is allowed to spend time with them – I hope he does and I hope he wants to. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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