Kitten Thrown In Recycling Bin To Die Chooses To Live Instead

Kitten rescue is Greece has many faces, but the saddest of them all is the ones thrown in the garbage bins alive to die. Usually, they are wrapped in plastic bags to suffocate, and thrown away with the trash alive.


Disposing off newborn kittens and puppies that way has been the most popular way of population control in Greece for decades, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel really. No matter how much we try to educate people and spay as many cats as we possibly can, we are simply unable to save them all.

Skinny, fisrt day in her foster home

An early may 2018, one of the SCARS volunteers was walking down a street in the north of Athens, when she spotted what you see in the photo. A young kitten, thrown in a recycling bin, trying desperately to make its way around the trash, to satisfy its hunger and to quench its thirst.

Skinny, one month later

Skinny, as the charity named the kitten, turned out to be a strong little girl, and one of the luckiest kittens out there. The number of kittens disposed of this way is so huge, that we can only assume that hundreds of them suffocate there, among the trash, or even worse, are crushed by the garbage truck while still alive.


If you think that’s the worse we get here, you are mistaken. There have been dozens of cases of injured dogs on the side of the road that were collected by garbage collectors and thrown in the garbage truck while still alive. This is as far as our education goes here unfortunately.

Today, one month later, after receiving proper care in her foster home, Skinny thrives. She is a playful, funny little lady, who loves to explore and socialize with the rest of the cats in her foster home.

An example of the innumerable kittens found in (or next to) garbage bins by SCARS

SCARS, the charity that rescued her, has been trying to educate the public on how to properly care for stray cats, keeps rescuing and rehoming many cats and kittens and has one of the best organized TNR programs running all year long in the south of Athens. If you are interested in their work, you can watch the following video:

The charity is based 100% on volunteer work and donations. If you wish to help them, you can follow this link and make a small donation. You can also follow their work in their facebook page.



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