Last Dog Standing – A Home For Beem Before It’s Too Late

Being a volunteer in animal welfare in Greece is not easy, in fact it is very very diffivult. Being a volunteer in animal welfare AND living in the outskirts of Athens or rural Greece is impossible.

The stray dogs are too many, always new abandonments, litters of puppies or young adults of all ages, sizes and breeds. Keeping count of them is impossible. Spaying and neutering? Yes, we do that. But you know what? We spay and neuter dogs that are on death row, that will be poisoned a few months later.


And then new strays will come along, new abandonments. And they will need to be spayed and neutered, and the vicious cycle never ends. Never. Iro, the volunteer in the video, cares for 15-20 dogs. She fosters them – some live in the house, some in kennels outside – trains them and does her best to prepare them for their forever home.


But there is a limit to everything, and when a volunteer says that there is no room available, there is simply no room available, not for one more dog. So Iro does what all volunteers do. She takes care of the strays outside her house, does her best to keep them safe and healthy, and hopes that a place will be emptied soon and that she will be able to take one more in, and the next month one more, and one more etc.

Beem (on the right) and her sister Baum (deceased) at the vet clinic

For Baum it was too late. She was just unlucky, like most strays here are. But her sister Beem deserves a home. She is a sweet. loving girl, healthy, spayed and vaccinated, who still lives on the street because there is no room for her anywhere.

If you wish to adopt her, you can email Iro, the volunteer who cares for her at: [email protected]

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