The Lonely Puppy That Didn’t Know

Everything I say and everything I write about Mentee will never be enough. He broke my heart the first time I saw him, as he was sitting there, just rescued from the streets, with his beautiful huge eyes looking around, not knowing what to do, and how to behave. Not knowing how to be happy, how to be a puppy.

Nothing is more sad than a lonely, melancholic puppy. It just seems so wrong, so unfair. During the best months of their lives, when they are supposed to play and enjoy life and run around all happy and adorable, those sad, abandoned puppies break your heart into a million pieces.

Mentee at four months old

Mentee spent three months there, in Thalia’s rescue place. He recovered from mange, he gained weight and he made friends. When I took him home I was afraid it would take me months to shake the fear out of his eyes. Puppies that grow up in shelters and rescue facilities like the one he was in become institutionalized. They love their temporary home and their main carer, but they know nothing about the outside world, and the older they get, the more difficult it is to teach them all that they are supposed to know.

Mentee was my tiny miracle. He learned everything, and I mean everything within five days – that’s how long he stayed with me. Five miracle days. And within those five days he was leash trained, house trained, social, happy and unbelievably tender. He is the type of dog that has this inner knowledge of what pet dogs should be like, and an unbelievable will to please, to be the best you would want him to be, the best friend, the best companion, the best dog you could ever imagine.

He has a loyalty that is rare, a trust, and an unconditional love for humans, that goes beyond any words. I adored him. For those five days, I used to look at him while he was sleeping next to me and whisper “you are magnificent”.

Mentee is a keeper. He is a special dog, with a very special soul, full of love and understanding. He knows that he was born to be with people, to make them happy, to keep them safe. I have been fostering non stop for years, and I know one thing: dogs like him are rare.

Mentee is now in a foster home in the UK and he will be rehomed there by Greek Animal Rescue. For adoptions, you can email me at: [email protected].

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