Love – Greek Animal Charity Crowd Funding Campaign

LOVE is one of the oldest charities in Greece, based in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest city. Their shelter was built in May 2000 by volunteers, in an effort to join their forces and help as many companion animals as they could.

One of the four sick puppies taken in by the charity recently.


Since then, their work includes neutering, rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned dogs and cats in the area. As most charities in Greece, their only income is based 100% on donations. This was one of the most difficult years for the LOVE already overcrowded shelter, with the expenses rising sky high and absolutely no help from the state or the municipality.

A litter of puppies in LOVE shelter- one of the thousands rescued by volunteers every year.

A daily tour anywhere in rural Greece will convince you of the pain, the suffering, and the huge burden on volunteers’ shoulders, having to deal with the huge number of abandoned, sick, and abused companion animals. LOVE, as most charities formed by simple people, like you and me, has been trying to do its best and save as many as possible.

Three of the sixty cats and kittens living in the LOVE shelter.

In an effort to support their cause and care for the big number of some very serious cases, LOVE joined Youcaring and created a fundraising campaign – and in campaigns like this one every penny counts, literally every penny.

If you are interested in helping the volunteers, please take a look at their campaign, or contact them through their Facebook page.



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