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Mangy Puppy Rescued 2 Years Ago Still Waiting For Someone To Love Him

Bono was rescued in May 2015. We got a call about an abandoned puppy in the area, that appeared to be sick. I was there an hour later. He was hanging out outside a cafeteria, obviously begging for food and attention.

He was about four or five months old, full of ticks and fleas, and a skin irritation that made his scratch constantly. Rescuing his was one of the easiest things I ever did. He just saw us, came straight to us, we picked him up, put him in the car and…that was it. Piece of cake. I could only foster him for 15 days. And within those 15 days he already learned to sit for a treat, retrieve the ball, walk on a leash and control his bladder.

After his treatment, I took him to our tiny shelter, and it’s where he is until now. And it is so sad. Right now, he is the oldest dog there – not in age (he is only two years old), but he’s the one who has been there the longest. This video is the only thing I can do for him for now, he is not perfect, but he is kind, affectionate, dog friendly and desperately needs stimulation, he needs to change environment, he needs to learn about life.

Every time he leaves the shelter, he tries to run as far away from it as possible, trying to grasp every new smell, every new thing, trying to experience something different, something new. Bono is my biggest loose end, and I want more than anything to see him adopted.  If you are interested, you can contact me at: [email protected] or zeil at: [email protected]



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  1. Valia, we have a portal here in Germany called ZERGportal, it crosslinks many animal welfare organizations. People who offer foster homes, for example, can register with the portal and thus be found by an organization seeking a foster home. The portal works as a sort of middleman, but only with organizations. I already mentioned Evi and Costa, they are supported through TiNG e.V. and TiNG is a member of ZERGportal. That means this: all adoptable dogs under Evis and Costas care are also found on ZERGportal. Next to FB and of course the homepage of TiNG. Do you get the idea? Zeil, SPAZ, and SGS could become a member of ZERGportal, too, they just need an affiliate here, just like TiNG. I don’t speak an ounce of decent Greek (I can order food, we love Greek food), but decent English. I’ve founded a similar organization before (actually, it still exists), maybe I can do it again.
    Bono is cute and I can understand the need he has. My “dog-mother-heart” would love to take him! But, as I already mentioned before: Petra! Sadly, I don’t have the capacity to take him, too, because Petra will need my time and attention and sometimes, what seems to be a good idea is indeed a very bad one. I shared his story on FB and will try to at least find him a foster home here. That might raise his chance of being adopted forever. Tell me, how does paid boarding function in Greece?

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