Mangy Stray Puppies And Their First Therapeutic Bath At The Shelter

Mangy, starving and born on the streets, those five are some of the thousands of puppies born on the streets of Greece every single day. Puppies without future, without tomorrow, born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We bathed them, groomed them and had them pose together for a group photo. They come from two different births, but as they laid there all together they seemed to enjoy each other’s company so much that we let them cuddle with each other for a while. For now they are in five different kennels at the shelter’s infirmary, because it is the safest thing for them. Once they recover, they will be looking for their forever homes, and we only have one wish, that they do not get to grow up at the shelter. I don’t know where you come from, but if you live in a country like Greece, where so many animals like them die on the streets every single day, buying instead of adopting is a crime.

You can support Save a Greek Stray by donating a small amount via PayPal ([email protected]). For adoptions please email: [email protected] Follow the shelter’s Facebook page here.



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