In Memory of His Hero Dog, Rescuer Donates 50,000 for Spaying and Neutering Dogs and Cats

“Neutering , police , and education is for me the only way” to solve the problem of stray animals” says Takis in a post in his facebook page, and he is right.

Takis runs one of the biggest and most impressive shelters in Greece. With more than 300 rescue dogs that he saved from abuse and neglect, and that he brought back to life, his shelter is in a beautiful location up on the mountains of Ierapetra, Crete, where the animals are living free in big packs all around, until they can be rehomed.

One of his most hearbreaking rescues was Black, his hero. A dog that was found last year, paralysed and with a huge tumor on his face.

Black’s rescue video:

While many believed that Black should be put to sleep immediately, Takis refused to do it. Instead, he offered Black a wonderful year, full of love and attention. “As long as the dog eats, drinks and enjoys his walks, he is happy. The moment he starts suffering, I will put him down” Takis kept saying.

Last month, Black’s tumor had grown too big, to the point where it prevented him from eating on his own, and he showed signs of fatigue and lack of interest in life. Once Takis noticed the change, he kept his promise, and allowed his hero dog to rest, before losing his dignity.

Black is now physically gone, but his spirit will always be here. In his memory, Takis is donating 50,000 euros for spaying and neutering dogs and cats in his city, an area of Greece where abandonement and suffering are an every day thing.

Some of the dogs spayed this week, thanks to Takis donations

The money is coming from the sales of T-shirts that feature Black, as a superhero dog, running in his wheelchair. You can buy a T-shirt by clicking the link above, or directly through the Takis Shelter facebook page.

Most owners in Greece, especially in rural areas, do not spay their animals, due to lack of education, lack of facilities or simply because they do not want to spend money on something they do not consider necessary. As a result, the number of abandoned litters of puppies and kittens found everywhere in the country all year round is so huge, that makes rescuing all of them practically impossible.

Takis knows that education, strict laws and enforcement of these laws, and spaying and neutering is what will solve the problem. As he said, what we are doing is grooming the branches of a tree, while we should cut down the tree from the root, and he couldn’t be more right.

His gesture of donating the money from the T-shirts featuring his beloved superhero dog, to help end the suffering of so many others is one of the things that make Takis so great.

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