Municipal Vet Fired After Sabotaging Free Sterilizations For Strays Insists That She Was Doing Her Job

Ok, first of all I am not a journalist, so writing posts like this one is for me a headache. Now that I have apologized, I’ll get straight to the point.

Fact 1

The number of stray dogs in Greece is ridiculously huge. They starve, give birth and die on the streets, in front of everyone’s “see no evil” eyes – those eyes belonging to vets, municipal vets, mayors, government officials and of course common people.

Fact 2

You can never sterilize enough of them

Now the story:


A group of German vets, concerned about the issue, goes around the country offering free sterilizations for strays. They need a vet clinic to perform the operations and an approval from the municipality.


In the city of Chania, Crete, the program was approved and ready to proceed, when the municipal vet tried her best to sabotage it, and she succeeded. The reason was a technicality. According to the Greek law, a VERY GREEK VET needs to be present during the procedure, and to test the dogs for leishmania, and that was not possible (because obliviously she wouldn’t do it and obviously nobody would pay for the blood tests).

So basically:

Better have them strays on the street untested AND ON TOP OF IT not neutered, than to have them untested BUT AT LEAST neutered.


The municipality – who was just as guilty for impeding the program – used the municipal vet as a scapegoat and fired her.


The vet insists that none of it was her fault, and that she was just doing her job (which obviously does not include neutering or spaying or being concerned about the strays; nope, the Germans worry enough for all that stuff)


Of course she has the full support of the Panhellenic Vet Association (if I translated it correctly, it’s the official association of Greek vets)

The sad thing is that Greece is a country where technicalities exist only to sabotage good things from happening, when those good things do not involve money ending up to someone’s pockets. Otherwise, we couldn’t care less about technicalities. I mean, we have enough trouble enforcing the actual laws, let alone the fine print. Meh.



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