Mutilated 20 Day Old Puppy Found Abandoned On The Streets

All over Greece there are thousands of puppies being abandoned every single day. Litters that come from not spayed “pet dogs”, usually in rural areas, where the usual way of population control getting rid of the puppies.


Hope, as the charity that rescued her named her was only 20 days old when she was found by a tourist somewhere in Pelion, one of the most popular touristic areas of the country. Her hind leg was mutilated and she had just opened her eyes.

Hope was taken in by a local volunteer. She was bottle fed and kept warm and safe. Her mutilated leg got infected and was swollen due to concentrated pus.


The pus was removed and Hope is now on antibiotics until she is out of danger. Her will to live amazed the vet and the volunteers who are by her side day and night.


Hope has now started drinking milk on her own. She is about 30 days old now, and she is the cutest little thing ever.


Hope is looking for a home, and she deserves one. She will be rehomed once she is old enough. To adopt her please email SCARS at: [email protected], the charity in Athens that will handle her adoption.

If you wish to support the local volunteers in Pelion who are fighting against all odds to end the suffering of puppies like Hope, you can make a small donation (ALPHA BANK
IBAN GR8101403100310002330003819 / paypal
[email protected])


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