Mutilated, Sad Dog Who Was Living In a A Junkyard Finally Gets His Happy End

Cooper was only ten months old. He had had his ears mutilated, as is often the case for dogs who are destined to work as sheepdogs or guard dogs.

Apparently, at some point, he got sick, and the owner decided to abandon him. Cooper found shelter in a junkyard, sleeping among the tyres, getting sicker and sicker every day.

The owner called the local charity, and they rushed to his rescue. Cooper was extremely weak and malnourished, just a shadow of himself.

He was so exhausted that the volunteers thought at first that he was paralysed, but he started eating and gaining weight, and eventually, with the proper care and a lot of TLC, he became a healthy, gorgeous boy.

Cooper remained under the care of his rescuers for months, until he found his forever home in England.

Today, he is not only a happy boy, but he is stuningly gorgeous, literally irrecognizable. His family adores him, and this is obvious.

Watch Cooper’s video:

Check out more amazing stories from Cooper’s rescuers in their youtube channel, or follow their facebook page. Make a small donation or become a regular donor here.



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