Mutilated, Stabbed And Abused Stray Puppy Is Fighting For Her Life

On August 27, 2019 in the town of Xanthi, northern Greece, a volunteer of the local animal charity found a two month old female puppy lying in the entrance of the building. 


Paloma, as they named her, had been repeatedly stabbed, and had had her ear and front leg chopped off, probably with scissors or a pruner. 


She had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the dead tissue and close up the already infected wounds. She is still in critical condition, due to the severity of the injuries, the blood loss, and the tick infestation.


Paloma is two months old. She weighs 3 kilos. Three! 


The story went viral. Not that we lack our daily animal abuse here really, but Paloma’s case was just too much. There is a reward for whoever comes forward with information about the perpetrator, that could easily be an 8 year old kid by the way, and the local charity is asking that the police investigates thoroughly.

That’s it, that’s the story… I have nothing else to add, not this tima anyway.


I will just repeat myself for 10,000,000th time: 

The streets here are a death row, we just don’t have specific dates, like they do in kill shelters. There is no “Will be destroyed on August 26th, at 13:00 if not adopted”, it’s more like “Will be poisoned, mutilated, purposely ran over whenever it suits a random phycho – and there are plenty of those”


To follow Paloma’s progress please follow the local charity’s facebook page here. Donations: [email protected] (PayPal) or via her crowdfunding campaign



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