Neglected Dogs Dying Per Hundreds In Greek Public Shelters

Neglected, starved, forgotten, without food, water and proper veterinary care, dogs keep dying per hundreds in Greek concentration camps, that pretend to be “shelters” – legal shelters, since they are public.

The photos were taken about a year ago, when the situation in the public “shelter” of Kozani were published and went viral – well, viral in Greece. For some reason the photos were reshared today quite a few people, and although I am not sure what has happened since, I just needed to post about it.


The photos speak for themselves. In 2016 alone, 130 dogs died in the public shelter of Kozani. Well, they didn’t just die, the suffered horrible deaths, from starvation, neglect and diseases. Some were even found dead inside their bowls, that mush have been empty for days, or even weeks.


Do you think it doesn’t get more ridiculous than that? Well, it does. After a formal complaint of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Association, the authorities published a statement, bragging – among other things -that this specific “shelter” is the ONLY one that functions legally in the area of western Macedonia (Macedonia meaning the northern part of Greece called that, not the country).


Do you think it does not get more ridiculous than that? Hahahah!!! Welcome to Greece ladies and gentlemen. The authorities, instead of apologizing (to say the least) fought back, attacking the animal welfare group of the area, imposing a 280.000€ fine to people like me, who have the audacity to rescue stray dogs, feed them properly, care for them and provide them with veterinary care and love.


There is absolutely no exaggeration to this post. The only thing I need to apologize for is not knowing what has happened within the past year. Usually in Greece, no matter how much we keep screaming and protesting, we hit brick wall.

The rescue dogs of the Animal Welfare group of the area (the normal people). They paid a 280.000euro fine for…keeping their dogs healthy, happy and safe.

Detail: the money that municipalities in Greece are obliged by law to spend on animal welfare (rescues, TNR etc in their area) actually come from EU funds. Now imagine being the City Hall and receiving, let’s say, 10.000€ per year for the strays. Now imagine building a legal “shelter” – you are the state, you can call it legal – and start collecting dogs from the street.

Protest against…all that. ” Death to the State’s dogs, not the strays”

So, you have 10.000€, and 200 dogs that need these money to be fed, vaccinated and neutered. Who spends 10.000€ on dogs? Nobody. Who can control me? Nobody. Who gets the money? Well, somebody obviously.



2 thoughts on “Neglected Dogs Dying Per Hundreds In Greek Public Shelters”

  1. What can I say, Valia? Turkey gets millions to enforce democracy, which is a huge joke.
    Even uglier: Romania gets 250,- per dog from the EU to take care of the stray “problem”, in other words to eliminate them. This is done by either killing them on the spot or shoving them in public shelters (where they are not allowed excersize, they stay in their kennels), where they are sometimes allowed to reproduce. Because no more strays would mean no more money. Of course they are not fed properly and surely do not get any medical attention.
    German citizens have actually started a petition (it is our money, isn’t it? Yours, too) that has reached enough signatures to be able to bring the topic before our parliament. Maybe it will help.
    On a lighter note: not all Romanians are cruel. I will tell you a lovely story about a company there which signed a contract with a local animal welfare charity.
    Really, the only way to stop this would be if the public shelters were held accountable regarding the money.

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