Newborn Puppies Found Dumped In Construction Site In Athens, Greece

I have said that before, but those of you don’t remember or don’t know, disposing of puppies and kittens this was is a traditional way of population control here in Greece, and other parts of the world. No, we do not spay. Well, few of us do. Very few.



So, in the outskirts of Athens, in Lagonisi, once again someone failed to spay their female dog.


Once again, that someone also failed to keep her supervised, or simply didn’t care if she mated and gave birth.


Once again, a female dog gave birth to nine unwanted puppies.


Once again, the unwanted newborns were dumped the traditional way, sealed up in a bag and thrown away with the rest of the trash, in a construction site.


Four of them were found buried alive, covered in sand and other junk from the construction, and five managed to make it to the top, and were rescued.


Of those five, only three are alive today, a few days after their disposal. The volunteers are doing their best to keep them alive by bottle feeding them and replacing their mother dog, who is probably somewhere nearby, with the milk hardening in her breasts.


The volunteers are asking for the neighbors to speak up. Someone, somewhere, knows that his next door neighbor’s bitch gave birth recently, but keep their mouths shut, as usual.

Incidents like these are so common here that makes you wonder if we are really that primitive. Maybe we are.


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