Newborn Puppies And Their Stray Mum Rescued And…Look At Them Now!

Penelope and her puppies were rescued from hell – that’s how we called that uninhabited island in the Aegean sea, where dogs and cats were found abandoned abandoned and starving.


Penelope had just given birth there, to five babies that would have died there with her, if they hadn’t been rescued on time. Penelope was very skinny and fragile – pregnancy and birth exhausts the females, imagine what it did to Penelope who was left there alone, to fend for herself and her newborns.


The family was taken to the shelter of Save a Greek Stray, where they were provided with the best care. Today, the puppies are two months old, they have been vaccinated and are almost ready to start their new life.


They are five adorable little babies, happy, social and ermmm..ridiculously cute! I mean.. Puppies are always cute, ok, but those five? Come on! Three have Setter looks, just like their mum, and two have Pointer looks, probably the dad.

If you wish to adopt them, you can contact the shelter at: [email protected] or message their facebook page.

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