Old Man Beats To Death Stray Puppies Their Granddaughters Had Rescued

In the village of Dilofo, in Larissa, Greece, two young sisters found a litter of six abandoned puppies in their school and decided to bring them home and care for them.

Normally, any adult would praise them for their act, but their elderly grandfather thought otherwise. According to him, the puppies were just messing up his property, so one morning he took his walking stick and starting beating them on the head. After that, he just threw them in the garbage bin, half alive, half dead…


His own daughter reported him to the police, who arrived at the scene together with the local charity, to find the puppies in the bin, underneath bags of trash. Four had already died and two were still alive and crying.


One of the puppies that survived was transferred to the clinic, where it left its final breath a few hours later, and the sixth one is in foster care, fighting for her life. The volunteer that cares for her named her Zoe, which means “life” in Greek.

Zoe, the puppy that survived, in her foster home

The whole thing is horrific, I know, but if you are looking for a bright side, this time there is one. That man represents a generation of complete lack of respect for animals, a generation that is dying. His own daughter stood up to him, and this rarely happens. She belongs to a different generation, and a different mentality. As for the granddaughters, they are the future. And the children of the future are the ones that take a litter of puppies home and care for them.

You can follow the local charity’s page here.  

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