One Shelter, Three Women, 200 Dogs

Rescuing is never easy, and if you have been involved even for a while in Animal Welfare, you should know that by now. But what these women do is beyond difficult.

There is no place in Greece where the situation for animals is good. Especially the countryside is an open bleeding wound, it is bleeding unwanted dogs and animal cruelty.


But even for the Greek standards, Mani is too much, and unless you actually experience it, you can’t really comprehend how impossible what these women do is. A few years ago, in their previous shelter, about 70 rescue dogs were poisoned deliberately, because for this society, they are annoying, even if they have been rescued and kept in a safe place.


The chances of something like this happening again are very high, because this is what rural Greece is. It is a cruel, heartless place, if you are an animal, any animal. All women volunteering there have their jobs, their families and their lives, and at the same time the feed and care for 210 dogs in total every single day.


They deserve more than anyone to see their dogs happily adopted and to have things made a bit easier for them. I visited their shelter recently and this video is the least I can do for them. I am a huge supported of their work – I went there feeling that I was someone, and they showed me what hard-core rescue really is.

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*Donate: IBAN: BE76 9731 1080 9295 – Bic: ARSPBE22



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