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An overlooked stray beauty – Bianca’s first spring at home

This is Bianca. I only met her two weeks ago and her rescue-rehome story is the fastest and most amazing ever. Almost everything I wanted to say about her is in the video, so I won’t be babbling for this post.

She is the softest, sweetest girl ever, as kind and as gentle as it gets. She spent the first years of her life being the queen of the neighborhood, and was lucky enough to find a home when she needed it the most. She deserved that much. There is no person out there more capable of helping a dog like Bianca that her foster mum, Linda, and I know that she will everything she can to keep her happy and as healthy as possible.

If you ask me what I am proud of the most, it’s all the people involved in Bianca’s rescue. You know who you are, and thank you.

You can read her rescue story here. If you wish to support the people involved in her rescue, you can donate to SPAZ, the charity that rescued her ([email protected]) or directly to Linda, her foster mum (



2 thoughts on “An overlooked stray beauty – Bianca’s first spring at home”

  1. Bianca”s story touched my deepest core in love and in happiness. She is truly the most stunning girl I have ever seen. As I listened to your calm and loving voice, I was drawn into Bianca’ so beautiful and happy story. She is truly blessed from God, you and everyone who made a difference in her life. Now she has love and a home and for that she will forever be loved and happy.

    Thank you for you and for all your devotion and love. Bless you and bless Bianca and her mom, Linda.

    1. Thank you!! She is stunning and amazing!She would make an excellent pet dog..But at least she got a home when she needed it the most

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