Past The Slaughterhouse | The First Ever Rescue Cow That Made A Farm Sanctuary

In the insland of Aegina, only an hour from Athens, the capital of Greece, lies Vrouva Farm Sanctuary, among the pine treets.

Vrouva farm is a unique place for the Greek standars. Home to rescue dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, a rescue pig, a rescue cow and some humans, Vrouva is a place like no other.

Watch this mini documentary on the farm sanctuary:

Vrouva started in 2011, in the heart of the economic crisis, that found so many animals abandoned on the streets, and today it is home to more than 100 animals of different species – counting the chickens too.

With the arrival of Hope, the cow that was rescued from slaughter at one year of age, and had to be transported to Vrouva in a truck loaded with 19 more cows heading to the slaughterhouse, the place became officially a farm sancruary.

In Vrouva, all life is valued equally. Apart from its (obviously) vegan orientation, Vrouva is an eco community, where a more sustainable and rewarding way of living on our wounded planet is put into practice.

Vrouva depends on volunteer work. It offers modest accomodation  and a unique experience. To volunteer at the farm please email: [email protected]

Donations are more than welcome. Please click this link if you wish to donate. Follow the Vrouva Farm facebook page here.




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