Pavlov’s Dogs And How To Help Our Best Friends Learn

Our dogs learn something from us every minute of the day. They do not speak the human language, so talking to them does not help them learn anything at all, on the contrary it confuses them even more. They learn from our actions, and are actions can often teach them the exact opposite from what we intend to.

Talking to a barking dog for example, and asking him to calm down, will have the exact opposite result. The more you keep saying “calm down now, it’ ok, stop barking, be quiet” etc, the more you reinforce him to bark even more, because talking to him means he got your attention.

Ivan Pavlov discovered something too awesome back in the 1890s, and more than a hundred years later, we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. At the end of the day, it’s the dogs who pay the price, and it’s a pity.

We have the knowledge of how to treat them the right way and get them to act the way we want them too – we’ve had it since the 19th century, so why not use it? Give it a try. And be patient, and most of all consistent. And it will work.




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