Pigs: Ten Fascinating Stuff You Didn’t Know About Them

1 Pigs are clean animals

Despite their reputation of being filthy, because of their habit to roll in the mud, if they live indoors and in a cool environment, they will stay clean.

2 Pigs can be house trained, just like dogs.

A little bit of patience and lots of treats will help you teach you pig to use a litter box, or the bathroom outdoors.

3 Pigs are super smart

They rank #4 in animal intelligence behind chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants – sorry dog people.


4 They learn their names fast

Young piglets will learn their names by two or three weeks of age, and respond when being called. (Simon, who was an adult pig, had learned his name within the first couple of days)

5  Pigs have excellent memory

They can remember directions and they can even find their way home from great distances.


6 They don’t eat like pigs

If given the chance, pigs can be very picky eaters; they love to have their menu changed up and they will eat slowly, savoring their food.

7 They love company

Pigs are very social animals and form bonds with people and other animals. They enjoy hanging out together and sleep cuddled up, nose to nose.


8 They talk

Pigs are very talkative, and communicate with each other all the time. They have 20 distinct oinks, grunts, snorts, snarls and squeaks that have specific meanings.

9 Pigs are compassionate animals

They show distress when they see another animal or human suffering. They are very forgiving, and rescue pigs can learn to trust again – just like dogs.

10 They are funny

Pigs have a sense of humor, and do a lot of funny things to entertain themselves.



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