Puppy Abandoned For Being Born Different Is Now The Happiest Boy

Puppy mills, pet stores and backyard breeders are very good at one thing: providing ignorant people with sick dogs. The puppy you buy for a bargain price will probably have you spend a fortune to vet bills for many years to come – if you have enough decency that is.

If you don’t have the decency to care for the puppy you bought, you will probably abandon it once its numerous problems start surfacing one by one, and make it someone else’s problem. And then you will blame everyone else but yourself – or maybe you won’t even have the guts to admit that you got rid of it, and try to convince your kids, neighbors and friends that it just died.


This is what probably happened with Stevie. About a month ago, in the heart of winter and during one of the rainiest days Athens has ever seen, Stevie was found freezing in the middle of a park, in a suburb of Athens, Greece. He looks like a Pekingese – a very badly bred Pekingese to be exact.


I won’t even try to imagine the situation his mother is living in – probably something like this (if you have the heart to watch it). Stevie was born “different”, and a stupid person’s decision of supporting this appalling industry without having the slightest clue about what he was getting himself into, resulted in Stevie being abandoned at the age of 4 months old.


The puppy was spotted and rescued by a SCARS volunteer. He suffers from some kind of dysplasia that makes his one side look like it has been taken of another dog and stitched to his other side… He has one bad eye, a floppy ear, a permanent tilt and a funny walk.


The amazing thing is that Stevie is one happy boy. Oh, he is so happy. Running and bouncing around, looking at people, being curious about everything, loving life and loving everything around him. He is pure joy, and what’s weird about his situation is that all of his birth defects make him look even more adorable than a puppy could ever be.



This is Stevie. He won’t get any better, or worse. His will be blind from one eye and his head will always be dropping on the side – the “damaged” side. If you wish to adopt him, you can email the charity at: [email protected] or message their Facebook page. And if people you know are looking to get a special kind of breed, tell them that, if they consider themselves to be that special and won’t go for a mix breed one, they should be spending triple the money for a puppy like the one they see in the pet store.

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  1. Stevie, you are perfect as god created you. You are light and love. I pray a lucky person that will share his/her life and home with you. Bless you.

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