Puppy Dumped In Garbage Bin Is Still Looking For A Home After 2 Years

Puppy disposal has been the only way of population control in Greece for years, and unfortunately, it still is. No matter how much animal welfare groups have been trying to educate, neuter and rescue, it’s just never enough.

Litters of newborn puppies are recovered from garbage bins every day, all over Greece. Usually it’s someone whose dog gave birth – or keeps giving birth every year – or someone who decided to dispose off a stray dog’s puppies, because she had the audacity to nest next to his house, business, car etc.

Lydia and her siblings when they were found

The people responsible are never found, neighbors who might know what’s going on never talk and rescuers and volunteers are obliged to clean up the mess, bottle feed the puppies, raise them and find homes for them.

Juts a few more “Lydias” of the hundreds being dumped every day in Greece

Two years ago, a litter of newborn puppies was found dumped in a garbage bin in Antirion, in the municpality of Nafpactos (where else) – it’s the same place where this fancy, super wow bridge makes some of us believe that we are part of the 21st century (at least for half a minute while we cross it, and then we are back to reality)

“The bridge”

The puppies were rescued by the local charity’s volunteers, they were raised and taken care of and they were lucky enough to find their forever homes – all except one, Lydia. And there is no reason why she was left behind, she just got unlucky.

Lydia today

Rescue is like a marathon; you just keep going until you see the finish line. It’s not about the speed, it’s about endurance. But puppy rescue is an entirely different thing. Puppy rescue is like a sprint. The faster you get those awesome photos, the faster you post their adoption albums, the faster people see them, the faster they can get adopted while they are still young and cute.

One of Lydia’s siblings in his forever home

Because let’s face it, most dogs we rescue here look like Lydia. Don’t get me wrong, personally I think she is gorgeous and my heart only beats for dogs like her; but the truth is that all the Lydias out there looking for home never catch the eye. They might get their 15 minutes of fame when they are cute, fluffy and 2 months old, but after they grow, they are labeled “unwanted” simple because they look too plain.


So the only reason why Lydia is still looking for a home after two years, is that she was simply unlucky. There were seven of them, and a couple were bound to be left behind. So it just happened to be her. It could easily have been one of her siblings, for the exact same reason: luck.


Lydia deserves a home. So if you wish to adopt her please message the charity’s facebook page here, or her rescuer.  🙂



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