Puppy Found Abandoned Full Of Ticks Turns Into An Beautiful, Elegant Dog

This is Louise and she was found abandoned with her sister Thelma in a field in the outskirts of Athens when she was less than two months old.

Both girls were full of ticks that had been draining them for weeks probably. They were malnourished and weak, and like so many puppies in Greece, they were probably abandoned by their mother’s owner because they were simply unwanted.

The two of them were rescued by SCARS and spent the first months of their lives in a rescue place, together with other rescue dogs.


Thelma and Louise kept growing and growing, and even though they were  promoted for adoption, they remained unnoticed.


Of the two girls, Louise was always the most social one, but still, since neither of the girls ever left their rescuer’s place, they didn’t have a chance to meet the world outside.

Thelma and Louise at two months

It is common that puppies growing up in shelters become “institutionalized”, since they never get to meet many people, an see the outside world. This makes their adoption even more difficult, so foster homes are a vital step towards socialization of young dogs.

Louise at four months

SCARS is working on the socialization of the two girls, starting with Louise. She was moved to a foster home, where she can be socialized properly and finally experience things she never knew existed: cars, busy streets, unknown people, life in a home, walks, new smells, new noises, new things.

Louise today, at six months

Louise is only six months old and weighs 25 kilos already (!). Despite the fact that she knew nothing about the world, she is a very fast learner and she has made huge progress within just 48 hours.

Louise in her foster home

She is house trained, leash trained, obedient, social, happy and lazy, and for her, the world is not such a scary place anymore. Her sister Thelma will be the next to socialize and train, so that she can be rehomed easier.


To adopt one of the two girls, you can email SCARS at: [email protected] or message their facebook page.


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