Puppy Found Abandoned And Sick Is Unrecognizable After Two Months In His Forever Home

Aramis – as his family named him – and his brother Mythos were found abandoned in a suburb of Athens, Greece. They were only two months old, and had already seen the worst of life.

Both puppies were malnourished and dehydrated, and suffered from advanced mange. One of the things that mange does, is make the dogs look elderly, so having two month old puppies with mange just doesn’t seem fitting. It feels wrong, very wrong.

Both of them were taken in by the local charity, SPAZ. They spent a few days at the local clinic, and then moved to a foster home, where they recovered and gained back their trust, their cuteness and their puppyhood.

At first, they were not socialized and appeared to be fearful and reserved – can you blame them? Who wants to be all happy and cute when they look like this and when they feel terrible?

Getting ready for home

After their bodies and their souls recovered, Aramis and Mythos turned out to be the cutest, sweetest little brats, and would spend most of their time at the pension, playing and having fun with other dogs.

Aramis, the first day in his forever home.

Aramis was adopted almost immediately, and he is now enjoying life in his forever home. He has grown to be one gorgeous teenager, and nothing about him reminds his sad and unfair past.

Aramis enjoying the Greek countryside

His brother, Mythos, is still at the dog pension, waiting for his forever home. He is a sweet, social and very obedient dog. He used to be the “uglier” one of the two – well, you can never really call a puppy ugly, but the truth is that Aramis was everyone’s favorite.
But as Mythos grows older, he becomes more and more gorgeous.

Aramis in his forever home

For me he is much better looking now, than when he was a puppy. And he is a very well behaved dog, despite his young age and despite his background. He sits, he stays, he poses for the camera, he is compliant, kind and sweet.

Photo by: Panos Zoulakis | TheBigPicture

If you wish to adopt him, you can email the charity at: [email protected] or message their Facebook page. You can help the charity save more dogs like him by donating a small amount via PayPal or bank transfer.

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