Pure Strays – 15 Gorgeous Dogs Rescued From The Streets

Pure strays, rescued from the streets of Greece, abandoned, unwanted, and yet most of them purebred and gorgeous. Personally, I am a huge mix breed fan and always will be, they are the most unwanted and my priority when it comes to rescue. But every time a Siberian Husky or a Shar Pei is found wandering the streets abandoned and confused, I can’t help but wonder: How is it possible? Why abandon it? It could have found a new home in no time.

So, here are 15 Greek rescue dogs that, although listed “most popular”, they were tagged “simply unwanted” by their previous owners and we dumped on the streets for us to find:

1 Charlie, a purebred Shar Pei, found wandering alone on the street, confused and hungry. Rescued by SCARS. For adoption.
Charlie/ SCARS – Second Chance Animal Rescue Society
2 Maverick, a blue eyed Siberian Husky. Rescued by SPAZ. Adopted.
Maverick / SPAZ
3 Obama, a pure bred black Pointer and Love, a mix breed Pointer. Rescued by Save a Greek Stray. Both adopted.
Obama & Love / Save a Greek Stray
4 William, a Poodle. Rescued by SPAZ. Adopted.
William / SPAZ
5 The power Setter trio: Seurat, Joshua and Emil. Rescued by Save a Greek Stray. Adopted.
Seurat, Joshua and Emil / Save a Greek Stray
6 Alma, a purebred German Shepherd found abandoned on a mountain. rescued by ZEIL. Adopted.
Alma / ZEIL – Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union
7 Cosette, dumped on the mountain and rescued by ZEIL. Everything you are looking for in a purebred Pointer, Cosette has it. Adopted.
Cosette / ZEIL (photo by her mum!)
8 Prince, a purebred Dogo Argentino, a breed quite popular in Greece. Found in terrible condition and rescued by Save a Greek Stray. Adopted.
Prince / Save a Greek Stray
9 Pablo, an Epaniel Bretton. When the rescuers of Save a Greek Stray found him, he appeared to be dead. For adoption.
Pablo / Save a Greek Stray

10 Fluffy, a Maltese mix. Found wandering alone and hungry in a refugee camp in a Greek island. Rescued by SCARS. Adopted.

Fluffy / SCARS

11 Brandy, a mix breed German Shepherd. Found abandoned and tied with a rope, so she would not follow her owner, who had left a note for the rescuers. Rescued by SPAZ. Reserved.

Brandy / SPAZ

12 My precious, gorgeous Laura. The first dog I adopted. A French Bulldog.


*Last minute’s entry (as requested by her mum), Phoebe, a puppy mill rescue.




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