Ran Over And Abandoned, This Dog Is Now Starting A New Life

Ran over, abandoned and found crawling on the street and begging for help, Xenia was lucky enough to be spotted by the right people. She was found in Patras industrial area, in Greece, a place full of stray, hungry and sick dogs, abandoned puppies, misery and hopelessness.

She was taken in by local volunteers, and was x-rayed and examined. She suffers from a broken spine that left her paralyzed, and the chances of her walking again are slim to none. She also has a perineal hernia (beside the anus), that keeps growing and can prove lethal if she is not operated in time.

Among other things, perineal hernias can cause severe abdominal pain and constipation. The poop needs to be expressed manually, otherwise Xenia risks infection.

Apart from that, she has a massive wound right underneath her anus, caused by dragging, that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Xenia has a lot of issues making her life difficult, but she not a quitter. In fact, she is one happy dog. I met her today and I fell in love. She loves strolling in her wheelchair, sniffing around the garden. She is a mix breed hound, going nose down, trying to catch every smell.

Until the hernia is operated, she needs to be confined, so she only spends a few minutes per day in the garden.

Xenia has seen the worst of humanity, but now luck is finally smiling to her. She is being fostered by Linda, one of the few people who have the knowledge, the patience and the will to properly care for a dog like her. So until she is ready for her forever home, she will be enjoying the best care she could possibly get.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Xenia needs to be operated as soon as possible, and she also needs a new wheelchair. For now she is using a borrowed one, but proper wheels made for her size will help her enjoy her walks more, when she is ready to do so. If you wish to help Xenia, you can donate directly to her foster mum, Linda, through PayPal.
Wish her luck! 🙂

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