Rare Albino Dog Abandoned On the Streets For Being Different

It’s funny how standards about beauty change from time to time, but also from place to place.

Take the average animal lover for example, like you and I. Our common reaction to such a rare and unique face would be “oh my God, I want to make you mine right now!”. Now show the same face to a resident of a Greek village, like the one where Melina was found, and you’d probably get a “what’s wrong with this dog? Get rid of it”

Melina and her rescuer, Ermioni

Melina was found abandoned in a village of Karditsa, in Greece. Maybe she was dumped for being different, maybe the color of her eyes made her owner believe that she was blind, maybe she wasn’t even noticed as different, she was just abandoned as so many dogs are, different or not.

Melina is an albino, which is quite rare in dogs. A woman from the village called the local charity because she believed that Melina suffered from some rare eye disease, and when the rescuers arrived they simply fell in love – how could they not?


Melina is about seven months old, she only weight six kilos and she was in heat! She was removed from the streets immediately and is now under the care of the local charity Diasozo, looking for her forever home.


Albino dogs, just like humans, are sensitive to light and might be prone to some health issues, like skin cancer and generally they require extra care, so before you rush to adopt her, bear in mind that she will need some more extra care that the average rescue dog.


If you wish to offer Melina a home, you can contact her rescuer through her Facebook profile. You can visit her album here.


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