Rescue Boxer “Adopts” Abandoned Mother Cat And Her Kittens

Rescue is filled with stories like this one. Animals might not share the same feelings that we do, but sometimes they do seem to know better, and in this case, Gina definitely showed more emotions that most humans do.


Rescue of Gina

Gina was an abused Boxer, that had to be removed from her owner years ago. She had spent the first three years of her life in an abusive home. Finally the neighbors complaints forced the police to intervene and rescue her. She has been adopted by a wonderful woman, Mary, and today she is an 11 year old happy dog.

Gina and Lucy taking a break from nursing.

A mother cat abandoned in the trash, along with her four newborn kittens

Gina becomes a rescuer

A few months ago, in one of her daily walks in her neighborhood, Gina “discovered” something. She started pulling her mum towards a garbage bin and pointed at a family of five. A mother cat abandoned in the trash, along with her four newborn kittens. Gina’s mum could not leave them there, so she picked up the family and the seven of them headed back home.


Living together

Since that day, Gina has been sharing a home with the family. She was excellent with Lucy, the mother cat, and the kittens. Frost, Cotton, Talk and Pearl – the four white babies- grew up under Gina’s care. Once they were two months old, they were put up for adoption by SCARS, and Pearl, the only girl among the off-springs, found her forever home.

the four white babies grew up under Gina’s care

No calls ever came in for her three remaining siblings however. Frost, Cotton and Talk kept growing older and loved their life with Gina. Gina loved them too, so did Mary, who decided to keep the family united.

The three boys relaxing. Photo by Elizabeth Mimikelli.

The family

Today, the kittens are about five months old, and they will be spending their lives next to their rescuer. So will their mum, Lucy. All four have been adopted by their rescuers. As Mary said, when she notified SCARS about keeping them all: “The little monsters will stay with us. After having them around for so long, we decided that we can no longer live in a clean house!”

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