Rescue Of A Dog That Wouldn’t Give Up

Nobody knows where Penny comes from, and she is so loyal to us humans. With dogs like her, there is no way of knowing really. Salamina where she comes from is a wasteland for people’s unwanted pets, and it’s not the only place this happens.


When owners want to get rid of their pets, they choose among a few remote places, where they abandon them and go back home freed of the burden. This is very common here unfortunately, and once the word goes around that an area is the go-to place for abandoned dogs, more and more animal take those journeys there with their owners, never to return again. Salamina is special because it’s an island. There is no way for a pet dog to make its way across the sea and come back.

Penny in her foster home

The Penny Marathon, as a charity, helps the local rescuers with much needed sterilizations, and every summer, the marathon runs there, raising awareness for the strays, the abandoned and the forgotten. In June 2018 the runners were not alone. They were accompanied for about 15 kilometers by Penny, who would run next to them. She risked being run over more than once, she was exhausted and yet she would not give up.


Penny became the symbol of what we are fighting for and of what the marathon is about. It was impossible to leave a dog like her on the streets. So Penny was rescued, and she is now in foster care. She is a young, healthy and very social dog. That belongs with people. She deserves her own family, she has earned it. If you wish to adopt her, please email SPAZ at: [email protected]

You can follow SPAZ, the charity that rescued Penny here.




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