Rescue Of A Male Cat Suffering From…Everything – Meet Iron

Rescue can vary from “oh, come here you little cutie, you don’t belong in the streets” to “oh MY GOD, how is it possible that it’s still alive?”. In this cat’s case, it was the second one. I have no idea how he managed to stay alive in that condition, but somehow he did.

It all started when a woman posted a photo of a moribund cat on Facebook. And from that photo you could tell that he would either be rescued ASAP or die within hours. So this morning, two SCARS volunteers picked him up for the streets – a southern suburb of Athens – and took him directly to the vet.


I was there, and most of the photos you see here were taken while I looked the other way. I have never seen a cat in such a terrible condition before. He suffers from almost everything you can imagine and he is literally skin and bones. I just stood there while he was being x-rayed, shaved, tested and treated and kept thinking…how is it possible that he is still alive?


Despite being nearly moribund and sedated, he tried to stand on his own feet – that all he knew so far, standing on his feet and surviving without any help. A follower suggested that we named him Iron, so we did.

He suffers from almost everything you can imagine

Iron suffers from FIV, a shattered leg that needs to be amputated, starvation, and a mutilated tail. He is full of fleas and there’s a hole full of pus right where his right eye once used to be. But he is a fighter. A great fighter.


He left the clinic this afternoon and is being fostered. For now he needs to put on some weight and gain back his strength. And as crazy as it may sound, he will be fine. Maybe not soon, but eventually.


SCARS is a charity very active in cat rescue, with a soft spot for special needs cats. You can follow his story here. Donations are always welcome (PayPal: [email protected])



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