Rescue Of A Starving Dog Hit With An Ax

Rescue in Greece is like a  Scottish shower. After a good day, when an adoption puts a smile on your face and warms your soul, a dog like Jack appears out of nowhere, and brings a cold shiver down your spine.

I just came back home after a very very good day and bumped into this post.  So, this is Jack.  He turned up out of the blue at a house in Parga 3 days ago. He was battered, bloody, weak & extremely skinny with bones protruding throughout his body. He has a terrible wound to the back of his neck which appears to have been caused by something like an ax.


He was taken to the vet by a local man,  had his wound deeply cleaned and  was treated with antibiotic powder.  Miraculously, he is healthy.  At the moment he is being kept in a shed like building, being fed, treated  him antibiotics and having the wound cleaned on a daily basis.


There has been a mass mobilization through social media, with many people and charities offering to help Jack, including Greek Animal Rescue.  Pointers in  Need will  pay for his travelling costs to Athens, where he will be surrendered to the very experienced hands of Save a Greek Stray people.  Jack has a long way to go, he is terrified and has suffered too  much, but he has a good appetite and hopefully he will be unrecognizable  soon.

If you wish to make a donation you can donate to Pointers in Need via PayPal ([email protected])




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