Rescued Belgian Shepherd Loves To Play With Water

Pauline is a Belgian Shepherd. Maybe a purebred, maybe not. We never really know, since dogs don’t come abandoned with their pedigree on hand.

She was rescued by Save a Greek Stray a few years ago, and she is currently at the charity’s shelter in Athens. And like all working dogs, Pauline loves to keep her mind and her body exercised.


Working dogs like her are some of the dogs that struggle most in shelter. No matter what the volunteers do, no matter the love and the attention, working dogs needs to work, to feel that they are doing something useful for a reason.

Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to offer those dogs the daily exercise and the mental stimulation that they really need, due to lack of time.

But once the volunteers realized ho much Pauline loves the water, they came up with a fun way to keep her fit and to help her lay off steam. So here she is, in her daily routine of playing with the water.

Pauline is looking for a home, so if you with to adopt her, you can contact the shelter at: [email protected] or message their facebook page. Being in a home where she can get daily training and proper exercise will make her the happiest girl in the world.

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