Rescued Kittens Living In The Shelter’s Infirmary Are Doing A Very Important “Job”

Rescued when they we just a few days old and raised with feeding bottles and a lot of love, Tristan and Isolde have been living in the shelter’s infirmary since they were very young.

This video is quite old. In fact I just realized today that it was uploaded more than a year ago and I got so angry. Tristan and Isolde have been there for the shelter’s rescue puppies for so long. They are their playmates, their best friends, even their nurses. When Myra was recovering from mange, they would lick her and scratch her and in fact, I believe it thanks to them that Myra became the social, happy dog she is today.

They have done so much and they never asked for anything in return. How is it possible that such social, loving and amazing kittens are not adopted yet will remain a mystery. I just want them to get adopted.All the puppies in the video have been adopted and the kittens (cats now actually) just..stayed behind. So, please give them a chance.

If you wish to adopt them you can contact the Save a Greek Stray shelter at: [email protected] or message their Facebook page.





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