Running Their Streets – Penny Marathon 2018

The Penny Marathon runs is more and more cities around the world every year.

Penny Marathon in Athens, 2016

The marathon itself, that started in Greece, takes place in July, and gives us the opportunity to become the voice of the voiceless, even for one day, and experience what they experience every day, as they roam the streets aimlessly or wait for their life to begin behind a kennel’s bars.

Sydney, 2016

It is an amazing event, full of emotions, and it reached its peak when the dogs join in and run the last two kilometres with their owners or handlers.

Athens, 2017

Apart from the actual marathon, the Penny Marathon is a registered charity, that raises funds and awareness, aiming to help stray, neglected and abandoned companion animals, providing help to local charities in Greece and Australia.

Athens, 2018

This was the third year I participated, and frankly, I can’t wait till next year, and the next and the next. If you wish to join the Penny Marathon or help it expand, you can email the charity at: [email protected] You can follow the charity’s facebook page here.



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