Senior Dog Abandoned On The Streets Is Trying To Get Her Life back

Nothing is more sad than senior animals being abandoned. And in Greece abandonment means “here’s the street/ off you go/ figure out how to survive”. Can you imagine? After living their entire lives protected, suddenly they need to figure out how to find food and shelter, and the worst thing is that they never know that they were abandoned.

Dogs like Melina, who was abandoned at 10, see their loved ones drive away in the car and don’t realize what this means. They chase the car until they get exhausted, and then sit there, in the middle of nowhere, waiting.

Melina in her foster home

Most of them don’t know how to protect themselves from cars, like strays do. So being ran over is the most common outcome of abandonment, and it usually happens within minutes.

Melina was found in the island of Lesvos by two English tourists, unable to walk, and was taken to a local shelter. She was destined to be euthanized, because the damage was beyond their resources, but Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) stepped in and transported her to a specialized vet in Athens.


Three of her legs are and the x rays showed that she also had six broken ribs. She had a spine operation, she is learning to walk again with the help of a rehab walking frame and she will also need hydrotherapy.

In her rehab walking frame

Melina is being fostered by Linda, one of the most specialized rescuers in handicapped and paralyzed dogs, and according to the vet “she is not a condemned dog and she has a good chance of recovering”.


GAR has put together a crowdfunding campaign for Melina, you can click HERE if you wish to donate for her. Their aim is to take her to the UK in around six-to-eight weeks, where she can recover and receive the rehabilitation that is not available to her in Greece. If you are in the UK and wish to foster or adopt Melina, you can contact GAR at: [email protected]



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