The Shelter Dog That Nobody Wants, Simply Because… (?)

I’ve tried and tried to get Daya adopted. The reason she is still at the shelter is probably that she is too average looking- to most people anyway. She is not too big not too small not to hairy not too white not too black…

She doesn’t have a documented sad story behind, she doesn’t have floppy ears hanging on the side of her head, she doesn’t have a silky coat or blue eyes. Whatever. Daya is a perfect dog. She has no behavioral issues whatsoever (not that we know of anyway – bear in mind that she has never been fostered in a home).

She is people friendly, dog friendly, responsive to training, she sleeps when she is tired and she enjoys a walk or a swim when she is up for it. What more can anyone ask of a dog? Anyway… If you wish to adopt her (or her remaining off springs), please email the shelter that rescued her, Save a Greek Stray at: [email protected] or message their facebook page.

…No I am not finished, I wanna talk more about her. You know, if you do what I do, which is an occasional awareness video from time to time, you need to find a dog that can actually “act”. Ok, not really act, because rescue dogs are not trained actors, but a dog that can be there, in front of the camera, doing what you want him/her to do: stand still and look cute, sit for a treat, walk on a lead, accept a cuddle etc.

Do you know how difficult this is? Most dogs would do one thing, but not the other. Except Daya. Daya can do it all, mainly because she is a stable, healthy, confident dog. So for my “Dear mum – letter from a shelter dog” video, I picked her from 100 dogs! She is perfect, she is ready and she is taking up space at the shelter (that sounded wrong) – she is taking up space that could be used for a dog that needs it more than she does. Daya doesn’t need anything from us anymore. She just needs to get out of here! She is cocked, locked and ready to rock! (…I have been watching way too many films lately!)

…Oh, in case you forgot, she swims!



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2 thoughts on “The Shelter Dog That Nobody Wants, Simply Because… (?)”

  1. she is a beautiful dog I wish I lived in Greece but unfortunately I live in Puerto Rico I will soon become a donator to your shelter because the stories that are told in you tube just break my heart may be next year I will visit your shelter and maybe adopt

  2. I just visited the site, looking for Daya…. good news for her: She is adopted. I am so happy for her. Finally… …
    She has a mom 😙.

    Valia thanks for the good work.

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