Very Sick Dog Gets Adopted Despite Being On The Brink Of Death

This is Marios, he was rescued in Karditsa, Greece and his life is hanging in the balance.

He was found by the volunteers of the local animal organization, Diasozo, in an alley, ust laying there and waiting to die.

There are dogs that are sick, and then there are dogs that are sicker. Marios is as sick as it gets.

Marios in the arms of his rescuer, Ermioni

His sufferes from ehrlichia, a disease transmitteb by infected ticks, that can be proved deadly if left untreated for too long. Given the state he was found in, he had been sick for so long that his organism started shutting down.

When he was rescued, the volunteers weren’t even sure he was going to make it for the next few days. He was half his normal weight, his kindeys were destroyed, he had almost gone blind and we would barely eat.

But there was one thing that gave the rescuers hope, and that was his wagging tail.

With kidneys so poorly, treatment needs to given very cautiously, he needs special food and a lot of care.

But as unlucky as he had been for so long, suddenly luck smiled at him. As rare and as unbelievable as it might be, Marios got adopted before he recovers.

Marios and his mum, Christina

Very few people decide to adopt such a sick animal, and go through all the hardships of a treatment and a slow recovery, but Christina didn’t hesitate!

Going home!

She opened her home and her heart for Marios. What a better place to recover than your own, loving home?

If you wish to help the rescuers, please make a small donation. Follow their rescues here.





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