Sick Stray Puppy On Busy Street Ignored By Everyone Is Finally Rescued

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” – this is what rescue is. Every time you stand up, every time you feel strong enough, every time you see hope in the end of the tunnel, something like this comes along and knocks you down again.

I just came across this post today and my heart sank. Maybe it’s the look in his eyes, maybe it’s because he is so small and so fragile. Maybe because I know this place where he was rescued from, I have walked my dogs around the streets of the town, I have seen the locals and the tourists, and the stray dogs that never last more than a couple of months.


Nafpactos is beautiful, and at the same time ugly. On the surface, all you see is the beauty of the scenery, the beach, the castle up on the hill. But if you look close enough, you see a different town. A town where little souls like him are simply unwanted.


He was found on a busy street of the town of Nafpactos a few days ago. A tiny little baby, starving and sick and alone, overlooked by everyone, because this is what people there do. They overlook. The local charity that rescued him named him Rock, and Rock made my heart melt today.


He is only two months old and hw weighs less than a kilo. He is a baby, and all he even knew so far was indifference, pain, loneliness. It almost makes you wonder why. Why was he ever born? What was the point? Why should he get to suffer while other puppies get to be so happy? What makes him less worthy? Wrong time wrong place? Karma? Or maybe just injustice. It’s an unfair world anyway, isn’t it?


There isn’t really much to his story. He is a baby, he is malnourished, he is sick with mange and he is the cutest little thing in the world, even despite his condition, or maybe because of it.

If you wish to help Rock’s rescuer with the costs of his treatment, you can contact her rescuer here. Visit the charity’s facebook page here.



2 thoughts on “Sick Stray Puppy On Busy Street Ignored By Everyone Is Finally Rescued”

  1. This makes me so sad. Go, Rock!
    I want to help Rock and his rescuer with a donation.

    Valia: can you mail me a bankaccount and the name of the rescuer?
    Special hugs from Johanna

    1. Hi Joanna! The name of the rescuer is Yiota Pagrati, you can find her in Facebook with that name. Unfortunately the charity has no bank account nor website, you need to contact them through facebook. Sorry..

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