Singing To A Tired Senior Rescue Dog

Tina was found wandering the streets of an industrial suburb of Athens, Greece. She was starving, exhausted and was suffering from mange. She found shelter in the offices of a company in the neighborhood, went in, and slept on the floor for hours.

Once the office was closed she would have to be returned to the streets again, and this was not an option so I picked her up the same day. She is being treated for mange and finally enjoys the little things in life: nice walks, a soft bet and a lot of love. I am fostering her and she is the easiest, most loving and quiet dog I ever met.

She stays beside me all the time, no matter where we are or what we do, and I sing to her often (she probably does not realize how awful my singing abilities are!). People working in the neighborhood (who probably know her previous owner that abandoned her) told us that she is 12 years old. She will be looking for a forever home soon, where she can spend the years she has left, as she deserves.

She also has a funny side – and her funny side is really funny!

You can follow her progress on the SCARS Facebook page. Read her rescue story here. Donations are welcome (PayPal: [email protected])



One thought on “Singing To A Tired Senior Rescue Dog”

  1. Tina has come such a long way since you took her under your wing, you are a really special person, she is a lovely old Princess to me and i love her so much i hope you have a beautiful day Tina lots of hugs i can’t sing either but i would try just for you xx

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