What Is Special About Shelter Dogs?

What is it about shelter dogs that makes them special, have you ever wondered? What makes the ones that ended up behind a kennel’s bars, looking at the world from the inside different?

Well, the truth is that nothing is really special about them, nothing at all. Potentially, all pet dogs could be in their place, all pet dogs could end up on the streets, just like all shelter dogs once were – or one day can be- someone’s spoilt, loving pet.

Unlike humans, shelter dogs are not behind bars because they did something, in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

The are there because they were the victims, and shelters are not there to protect the world from them, but to protect them from the world.

They come from all walks of life.

They are young and old, they are black, white and brown. They are purebred and they are not. They are funny, reserved, playful, lazy, active, curious, submissive, tender and snobby.

Each shelter dog has a sad story behind

They were born on the streets. They were born in a puppy mill or a back yard, and bought as a gift for someone’s kid. They were proud workers, until a hunter or a shepherd got rid of them for being too sick, or too old, or too expensive to maintain. They ended up on the streets because their family moved, and there was no room for them in that new life. They took a ride on day on the family car, only to see the car drive away leaving them behind.

There is no such thing as “shelter dog” character, there is nothing special about them really.

There are not more damaged or more special than the average dog. They are not stronger than a spoilt pet dog, because they god sick, because they starved or because they had their heart broken. Potentially, your loving pet dog sitting beside you right now, could prove to be as strong in a similar situation, just like a rescue dog that survived death could have spent his entire life as a “spoilt brat”, had he been lucky enough.

There are not more damaged or more special than the average dog.

Each shelter dog has a sad story behind, so unique and so different that makes them who they are today. And who they are today is everything you can imagine a dog is like, and more. There is no such thing as “shelter dog” character, there is nothing special about them really.

There is nothing they did wrong, they just got unlucky.

Everything you are looking for in a dog, you can find it in them, because they are of all kinds. They were not rejected for being “bad” or “damaged”, but for being in the wrong place at the wrong time among the wrong people. And the wrong people will keep rejecting the best of them, and the strongest and the weakest, and the most loyal and beautiful and smart, because this is what the wrong people do.

So basically, every shelter dog is the ideal pet dog for someone out there, someone right.

With all the “adopt don’t shop” campaigns, we are missing the point. It’s not that you should adopt because you will be someone’s savior, it’s not sacrifice of some sort, it’s not a mercy gesture. You should adopt, because it’s the smart thing to do. When you have all these options to choose from, when you can find your ideal companion for half the price, why shop? The money you’ll spent on your pet dog won’t make it any more special – many shelter dogs also cost a small fortune once too, and look where they are now.

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