They Starved Her And Then Dumped Her On The Streets To Die

Her name is Menia, as her rescuers named her. She was found on the streets on Nafpactos, a town on western Greece, in that condition. 


Menia did appear “out of nowhere”. She was not surviving on the streets like this for months, while people neglected her. 


She was abandoned in the middle of the town looking like this, sick and emaciated. She has been neglected, starved and abandoned literally at the last minute, as is often the case with hunting dogs

Menia is only three years old, and she is now more than half her body weight. She weighs a little over none kilos, while her normal weight would be about 20, and she is sick with leishmaniasis. But worst of all, she has a broken heart. 

A broken heart and a broken spirit. She has completely surrendered to her rescuers, and she is now finally receiving the care she needs. 

Menia is sick with leishmaniasis, and the treatment is costly. She also needs good quality food that will help her gain back her strength, and when she recovers, she will also need a forever home. 

The local charity is depending on volunteer work and donations alone. Just a few volunteers, caring for all the stray and unwanted dogs in an area of Greece very infamous for severe cases of animal abuse. If you wish to support them, please make a small DONATION for Menia. You can follow her recovery in the charity’s facebook page, or contact the volunteer in charge of her



One thought on “They Starved Her And Then Dumped Her On The Streets To Die”

  1. I am Greek too, living abroad thank God, and I can attest to how utterly horrible Greeks are with animals. They love to brag about how Greeks have “filotimo” and what a warm, hospitable and friendly people they are, but this it total BULL SHIT! They are only nice to tourists for their money, and make fun of them in Greek right to their faces thinking they don’t understand the language. This has happened to me many times, thinking I was a tall, blonde “tourist”. Luckily it is getting better now with regard to animal welfare, young people are more involved, but still a long way to go!

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